On the set of The Hanged Man

A web series, a travel show, a novel, and a supernatural thriller. A disparate collection of projects that on the surface may not have much in common.

But at their core, each is the story of people finding their place in the world … perhaps with the aid of some unseen, supernatural force.

Whether exploring the world through its natural beauty and wonders or those dark corners of thought that are unique to each of us as individuals, each story seeks to ask the existential question of who we are and why we’re here.

Because ultimately, isn’t that what story boils down to? What are we? Why are we here? Is anyone out there going to help us?

And does anybody really care?


Deep Finance | The Baralian Problem | The Hanged Man | Al & Mona | Trail Mix

Not listed: two thousand incomplete manuscripts; 4,491 short stories; and three times that many soft features about woodworking, light stretching and DIY dentistry.